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the one thing they tell us to be when we grow up is to be happy but they teach us facts and figures and dates and equations y = mx + i dont give a fuck about any of this just teach me how to be happy with my life that is something i would go to school for and pay thousands of dollars in tuition fees to learn teach me not to care about what other people say or think about me teach me to have my own style teach me to have confidence teach me how to let go of things that bring me down and teach me to know when letting them go or holding on for dear life is the better decision teach me to love rain AND shine and those days where the clouds are close behind teach me not to let money control my life teach me that just because they are pretty doesnt mean they are smarter stronger or better than me teach me to love selflessly and loyally and wholeheartedly and beautifully and delicately and passionately but teach me how to repair my heart when it breaks because goddamn it i know it will break and more than once so i need to know how to mend it on my own teach me to be independent but teach me to let people in without my heart being an open target again and again teach me to enjoy every day and feel like im living life to the fullest because right now it feels like im living in basic cable when i could be living in HD teach me how to be HAPPY…but im never gonna learn this in school, so i guess the teacher will be me.

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